Men’s underwear is a very important part of the wardrobe. Because this accessory affects how much a guy will be confident, andWhich underwear is the best for males to keep their strong erection? comfortably feel himself in daily life. Let’s take an in-depth look at history; you may find there that the loincloth was the first clothes for males and ended up becoming the prototype of underwear. In today’s world, the choice of male panties is merely tremendous, and many guys enjoy buying design products. This is certainly good. But let’s not forget about the health of the male’s genital organ, influencing in fact potency. By taking into account your genital health, you will prevent yourself from buying Cialis online and all possible even minor Cialis side effects.
Let’s see what panties are ideally suited for guys from the below listed and will not harm their health.


Statistics show that this model is considered really widespread and purchased, among men’s panties. But doctors claim that this model causes great damage to males, since this underwear type is good just for the pool and the ocean. These panties, compress the vessels in the groin area and press on the lymph nodes, thereby interfering with normal blood circulation in the pelvis and blocking the flow of blood to the testicles, thereby contributing to their overheating and damaging sperm, especially with prolonged contact. In fact, a man is forced to monitor cost of Cialis.

Sport shorts

Statistics show that sports shorts reduce muscle fatigue, but it’s only right when you use them in the gym. Outside the gym, doctors do not recommend to use them. They just like socks may lead to overheating of the testicles, a lousy bedding flow to the small pelvis and this all may lead to your infertility.


Their use in everydayWhich underwear is the best for males to keep their strong erection? life, will not give you any benefit. Men get just discomfort, microcracks, rubbing and red spots as well as various infections.

Special shorts

These are, for example, panties for cycling or winter sports like a snowboard with a fleece or warmth. This underwear is necessary for specific purposes. In the cold winter, almost 30% of guys wear shorts and wear them nearly all day even at home, which is very bad and may lead to appalling consequences.


This kindWhich underwear is the best for males to keep their strong erection? of underwear is just ideal for using them. They bring maximum convenience and comfort, and also maintain the right temperature in the testicles, thereby prolonging your sexual longevity and health.

The material of panties is hugely important, as is its style. Of course, manufacturers will state anything, like the fact that modern synthetic fabric is not nearly inferior to the natural one. They just want to sell their products. But, this is not so. Doctors say that cotton is ideal for underwear since it excels in the air and protects against reproduction of microbes.

We draw your attention to colored linens. This linen is better to buy in special stores. Since the paint may easily cause dermatitis and eczema.

It is also important to note that panties were sewn without rough seams since they may rub your skin and bring discomfort. Buy pants a size larger than your size. Do not sleep in tightly panting shorts, they can deliver the same amount of trouble.