By all means, when you are smoking regularly and drinking heavy beverages, you will see that you have serious problems with an erection that includes erectile dysfunction. When you had faced such an awful issue with an erection, all you ought to do is to purchase Canadian pharmacy Cialis and you will see that your erection will be stable and marvelous during sexual intercourse. When men are smoking and drinking at the same time, their blood pressure decreases so much that they became anxious and tired very quickly. As a result, they have no spare energy for getting intimate with their wives and afterward you will see that your erection is weak and disappears very fast. No men would like this kind of unpleasant situation so Cialis is just what can aid in a maintaining long erection and avoid impotence issues at any age at all.
When you are smoking heavily, you are not only bringing yourself one step closer to lung cancer; but, it can also cause ED very soon even when you are relatively young. For instance, recent studies in the USA should tell us that a person who is smoking heavily and drinking at least couple of beers a week has severe problems with impotence in the 30s, while men who are not drinking and smoking at all have no problems with erection in late 50s. Can you see an obvious connection between these issues? You just can not ignore it!

Can obesity and consumption of fat food affect my sex life in future?

Usually, men think that smoking and drinking are the most extreme bad habits; and, as soon as you will manage to get rid of them your life will be better, and you will become healthy person this instant. It is not true; there are five poor habits apart from those that we have mentioned above that all people have. We have to highlight the fact that these particular practices are easy to get rid of, for that matter, we want to point them out to you right now.

– Sitting throughout the whole day, without any exercise at all. Even when you are going to the gym regularly, we will want to say that sitting through the whole day has an awful impact on your total health. When you are sitting in the office or spend plenty of time in your car or bus, then you are more likely to have a stomach or prostate cancer. By the way, there is no need to forget about obesity. When you are relaxing at home, and you are tempted to spend the whole day next to your TV, then we want you to avoid this temptation and go for a walk. You can walk with your friends, your dog or just on your own. As time goes by it will become your permanent habit. Therefore, you will see that your health is improved noticeably.

Try not to eat a lot, do not intake more calories than you manage to burn out. We all know that, usually, people gain weight when they take in more calories than they burn out. When you see that you are not going to be engaged in various activities, it will be better for you to eat small portions of the meal, avoiding obesity. Some think that cutting of meat from our diet and eat more vegetables and fresh veggies will be better especially when you are middle-aged men with ED problems on his shoulders.

– Try to substitute your animal protein with vegetables and fresh beans, for instance. It is a well-known fact that as soon as you make yourself eat healthily and go on a diet, you will feel younger and full of life like never before.