I took Cialis but it did not work, did I do something wrong?

We cannot tell you for sure because we do not know what is the precise dosage that you took; and whether or not you have taken alcohol with it. We advise you to take a 20mg pill of Cialis and not eat 2 hours before or after Cialis. This way you will get a stable erection and forget about impotence.

What if I am over 60 it is possible for me to take one pill of Cialis that is 100mg?

You better talk to your private doctor, because we do not know whether or not you have horrible heart disease, or maybe various chest pains. Do not take Cialis when you have an ulcer or constant headaches.

Can I split 20 mg pill if I am young and I am going to take Cialis for the first time in my life?

Actually, it is not advisable to split a Cialis pill, you have to take the whole one. If you are going to intake this drug, it is advisable to read all the instructions that goes with it carefully; and, makes sure that you are not going to eat, smoke or drink wine, beer or even ale.

I am taking various antibiotics for my ulcer and I have serious mood swings can I still take Cialis in this period of my life?

No, Cialis cannot be mixed with other drugs because this way you might have various severe side-effects. Please make sure that you go to the hospital before you can take Cialis in your system. Your health is very important for you and for that matter, you have to be very careful with other pills and food as well.

I had heart disease 3 years ago and now I am totally healthy I want to have a decent erection, therefore, I am willing to take Cialis in minimal dosage, can I do it?

It all depends on how healthy you are right now. No one can tell you better than your doctor whether or not it is okay for your health to intake Cialis in decent dosages. Be sure that you do not mix various pills and other drugs with Cialis any time.

Can I be sure that Cialis is not going to harm me?

We are only selling you the highest quality Cialis; all we want is for you to have a happy and decent sexual life. If you have erectile dysfunction and it is ruining your life, it is not the end of the world. As soon as you try Cialis, you will see that having proper sexual intercourse and escaping impotence is as easy as it sounds.
It will be better never to take Cialis without checking your health every two months, to make sure that it is not damaging your health in any way.

My friend told me that Cialis can help me to avoid impotence, is it true?

Yes, it is true; Cialis from pharmacy can aid you get a stable erection and having emotional intimacy with your partner. In order for Cialis to work on the highest level, it will be better to take it two hours before any expected sexual intercourse. This way, your erection will maintain for the necessary amount of time; and, as soon as you will get sexually stimulated within 36 hours your erection will come back in a heartbeat, no doubt about it.