Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a disorder of the male reproductive system. It happens when a man isn’t able to sustain the hardness of his penis for a full-fledged intercourse.

The main symptoms of ED

The symptoms of ED are:

  • too rapid completion of intimacy;
  • lost attraction to the woman he loves;
  • the sexual readiness of a male body can disappear, then reappear, no permanence;
  • lack of firmness of the penis;
  • the guy is not interested in intimacy;
  • reducing the frequency of morning and night erections is also a symptom of erectile dysfunction;
  • man avoids love intimacy and finds all sorts of excuses.

10 ways to fix the problem

Let’s detail 10 methods of home treatment of erectile dysfunction:

1. Choose the pose, where your body in an upright position.
It’s better to use a position where you’re not lying at all. You are standing or kneeling, or on the legs, most importantly, the body is positioned vertically, and blood flow in the penis will be much better.

2. The technique of replacing the harness through the girth at the base.
The essence of the method is that you bow your penis at the base with the fingers during an erection. It helps those whose penis is floppy and sexual readiness is quickly lost.

3. Follow the technique of “strengthening kidney energy».
The technique is performed in the toilet, when you go for a pee. Is it that you pass the jet fluid standing on tiptoe, squaring at the back.

4. Do special physical exercises.
The central aim of the training should be on strengthening the following areas of the body:

  • muscles of the pelvis;
  • buttocks;
  • abdominal muscles;
  • press;
  • lower back.

5. Use the method of “special” muscle tensing.
Perform tension in the muscles of the pelvis with the greatest power you can get effective results. On a slow exhale you take away muscular tension and completely relax.

Erectile Dysfunction: Preventive Care and Top-10 Ways of Natural Treatment.

6. Know about a secret level of testosterone in the morning.
Plan your morning right: get up, have breakfast and again go back to bed to have great sex with your partner. Be aware that your results will be better in the morning.

7. Vacuum pump.
The special vacuum pump is applied to the penis. The vacuum increases blood flow in the phallus, and it becomes harder. This method also gives a positive effect.

8. The food of goddess of love Aphrodite.
The foodErectile Dysfunction: Preventive Care and Top-10 Ways of Natural Treatment. is called this way, because it contains special substances — aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are substances that enhance your sexual desire and abilities for intimacy.

9. Take hot and cold baths.
The benefit is that it improves blood circulation and also increases the production of hormones in the body. Application of contrast shower or bath salts will be one of your most effective solutions.

10. Mix with walnuts.
Take a handful of walnuts, peel them and eat them with honey or goat milk.

Preventive measures

  • Engage in physical activity as often as possible. It will prevent the emergence of stagnation of blood in the pelvis. Keep walking, do gymnastics.
  • It is not recommended for the elderly often ejaculate during intimacy. You will see how many pluses you will get: terms of energy, health and capacity for the next caress in bed.
  • Monogamous relationship with one woman will help to resolve your problem more quickly. The permanence of relations and feelings will help you much. Be friends with your partner. Communicate with each other, listen, ask questions and give feedback to each other.
  • Do not forget to give time to take a break from the routine and clear your head.
  • Avoid obesity and make sure that you don’t have the extra weight.

That’s all. Now you know a lot about the ways for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and practical techniques to overcome this disorder and increase libido.